Have you joined the electric car revolution and now you need a fast charging solution for your home or business? Well you are in the right place! We offer a range of electric car chargers for your home (also known as EV chargers) including portable EV chargers, standard wallbox and a smart wallbox or electric car chargers as they are also know. All of our charger options are fully certified for sale within the EU and these certs include the CE, FCC, IK10 which are the EU safety standard for such chargers.

If you are new to the electric car charger market then we know it can be quite confusing to get to grips with what you need. You will probably have such questions like what charger will work with my vehicle? What is a level 1 and level 2 charger? Can I use a normal plug to charge my EV? Should I go for tethered or untethered? Well do not worry, we are have done all of the hard yards for you and we offer a small range of premium EV chargers so as not to confuse our customers. Please read our FAQ below to answer the most common questions asked when shopping for an EV charger.

Whilst there are many EV charging points popping up all over Ireland nothing beats being able to charge your electric car at home. This is the most convenient and cheapest way to charge your EV. There are a few different options you can take when looking to charge your electric car at home. Realistically however you will find that to regularly charge your electric car at home you will need a wallbox that hooks into your main electricity board so let us go through the main options for your electric car charger.

Can I charge my electric car using a standard 3 pin plug?

Yes you can, however it is not advisable for ongoing or long term routine EV charging. Charging from a standard plug will take quite a long time (over 25 hours) and it is not the safest option to be doing regularly. We do offer a portable electric car charger that is excellent to have you in boot of your car in case you have an emergency or are going on a long journey. These portable car chargers are great for use now and again or if you are going somewhere that does not have a fast charging EV charger. For home however we recommend what is known as a wallbox charger as it is much quicker and a safer option for regular charging.

What is a level 1 and a level 2 charger?

A level 1 charger is the standard charger you get with your electric vehicle. A level 2 charger is a fast charging unit like one of our wallbox chargers. A level 1 charger that means you are using a standard plug will only give you 1.4KW of charge where as one of our wallbox chargers will you a 7.6KW charge! This is a huge difference which means instead of waiting 25 hours+ for a charge you can charge your car fully in a few hours.

What is the difference between type 1 and type 2 electric car chargers cables?

This is not something you really need to worry about as European cars are generally all type 2. Not all charging cables are the same. They will either have a type 1 or type 2 plug that will fit your electric vehicle. Type 1 cables are usually seen in the USA and Asia however it is worth just having a quick check to ensure your car is a type 2 vehicle.

Why does the type matter?

An EV that has a type 2 plug have a locking pin to lock in the charging cable to your vehicle. This prevents the cable from falling out of the socket and ensures that ONLY the owner of the car can unlock the charging cable. Type 2 chargers also allow not just single phase but also 3 phase main power to be connected to your EV. Some new homes are equipped with 3 phase power which will allow for faster charging of your electric car.

What EV charger should I buy?

Ok this is a pretty open ended question but really what you need for fast charging is a 7.6KW charger. Generally there are the options of 3.6KW or 7.6KW when we are talking about a wallbox charger. The more KWs then the faster your car will charge. All of our wallbox chargers will give a 7.6KW charge so then it is really a matter of do you want a standard EV charger or a smart EV charger.

What is the difference?

A smart EV charger can connect to your WIFI so you can monitor everything remotely on your phone and even start and stop charging remotely. A standard charger will not be able to connect to your WIFI but it will charge your electric car just as fast. If your WIFI network does not reach where you are installing the EV charger then the standard wallbox level 2 charger is the way to go.